Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LAB Session-01: Urban Rural Differences

Lab Session 01:

Objective: Understanding Urban Rural Differences by using visuals and other graphic techniques.

1. Answer the following questions in conclusion:

i) What constitutes an Urban Areas?

ii) What are the Characteristics of Rural Areas?

iii) What are the physical differences between urban and rural areas?

iv) What are the social differences between urban and rural areas?

v) What are the economic differences between urban and rural areas?

2. Method:

i) Develop a matrix of Urban / Rural Differences with its indicators and values/characteristics.

S. No Indicators Values/Characteristics Remarks/Analysis

Urban Rural

1 Physical

2 Social

3 Economic

4 Cultural

ii) Show Visuals of Urban / Rural Contexts and explain their differences.

S. No Visuals Remarks/Analysis

Urban Rural







3. Sources:

Internet, books, magazines, book shops, internet cafĂ©, library, friend’s house, face book, go Google.

4. Conclusion: (Answer the given questions)


  1. CITY (film):
    The video shows the affects of establishment and expansion of a city.
    Below are different points extracted from the film.
    i. First of all, life was simple, when lesser machines were used.
    ii. When machines came in use, life became complex and hard.
    iii. Machines were used to make and manufacture more machines, production produced for more production.
    iv. Coal, iron and steel gigantically developed the society.
    v. Instead of large landscapes, congested matrix of high-rises and sky-scrappers were grown.
    vi. Industrial age enhanced the human capabilities and showed a huge surge in human advancements.
    vii. Smoke blown from the chimneys of large industries and factories was assumed to be signs of prosperity. But "Smoke gives prosperity, no matter you choke on it".
    viii. Large developments resulted in less prosper society. Interpersonal relationships were destroyed, personal security was dangered. Smoke developed materialistic society but killed the social, spiritual and religious soul of the society.

    1. Sir, this is as you said in today's class.